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Safety at Hitch

We've designed Hitch from the bottom-up with your safety in mind, crafting a custom insurance policy, creating a sophisticated support pipeline, carefully screening our drivers in-person, and implementing in-app features for your safety and comfort. We're proud to share our safety features here.

Driver On-Boarding
We carefully and individually screen each and every driver, including an in-person meeting and in-person driving test that takes place on the road. Every Hitch driver has had his/her vehicle inspected to the tune of a 19-point inspection check.
DMV and Background Checks
In addition to meeting and screening our drivers' ability on the road, we conduct a thorough DMV check, along with a background check for each and every one of our drivers. We re-screen our drivers periodically to ensure that all records remain up-to-date and clear.
Custom Excess Liability Insurance Policy
Hitch has secured a custom $1,000,000 excess liability policy, which has additional clauses to protect against uninsured and underinsured motorists.
Zero Tolerance Policy for the use of drugs and alcohol
Hitch has a zero tolerance policy for the use of alcohol, illegal substances, or the misuse of prescription medications while using the hitch platform. Corral will suspend a driver and reserves the right to terminate service agreement with such driver after a zero-tolerance complaint is filed. Passengers should report any driver reasonably suspected to be in violation of this zero-tolerance policy by contacting us using the phone application or dialing (347) 394-0725 and emailing us at [email protected] or contacting the California Public Utilities Commission’s Passenger Section: 1-800-894-9444 and [email protected].
Multi-directional rating system
We've built our app to handle ratings. Not just to capture the standard passenger-to-driver and driver-to-passenger interactions, but also to establish how passengers are treating one another. This gives us additional signal with which to keep the standard of excellence high at Hitch. You'll see the rating screen at the end of every ride, and be able to rate fellow passengers as long as you've ridden with them.
Dedicated Support Line
Our support team is standing by waiting to hear from you. Give us a call if you have any issues, or email us at [email protected].